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Tec-Print, the third company under GCI, came about when JW Gibson learned that the State of Tennessee was considering the possibility of introducing the lottery or game of chance. JW had a gut feeling the lottery would be approved, so he started doing his homework. He began attending conferences about lotteries and developed relationships with people in the lottery industry. He learned all he could about what was required to print lottery tickets – from the machinery to the security.


When Tennessee approved a state lottery, the government did so with a stipulation that the tickets be printed in the state. When the RFP was issued, Tec-Print was ready. Unlike the competition, JW knew how to manage the expectations for lottery ticket production and laid it out clearly in the RFP. His main stipulation was that if he was awarded the RFP, he would need 120 days to put everything in place.


Despite the fact that Tec-Print had no history of printing, the company’s vision for how to manage the complex production of lottery tickets made it stand out. Based on its integrity and ability to clearly lay out how it would meet the state’s stringent registration and lab testing requirements, Tec-Print won the print bid for the Tennessee State Lottery tickets over 25 competitors and 115 days later was in operation.


Tec-Print has since expanded its scope to include diversified printing, label and specialty paper. The company offers both offset and digital full service printing and graphic art design for any size business at a competitive price. Tec-Print’s responsive approach resolves even the most specialized printing and labeling challenges.


The company’s advanced equipment handles a variety of sizes with up to eight-color printing, including sequential numbering and security features, while the latest video web inspection technology assures perfection every time. Tec-Print is among the only roll print specialists to boast instantaneous UV drying technology.


With a proven record of meeting even the tightest deadlines, Tec-Print has one of the highest on-time delivery rates in the print industry at 99.6%. In addition, the company’s relationships with national carriers mean low shipping rates based on single location shipping combined with all Tec-Print shipping. For more information on Tec-Print and Cenveo, please click here: Tec-Print & Cenveo Partnership



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