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Offering just-in-time delivery of quality medical, laboratory, scientific, office, janitorial supplies and related equipment.

In 1991, the first of the GCI family of companies, The Premier Group, began in a bedroom of JW Gibson’s mother’s house. JW researched the Mid-South market and discovered that the number one revenue producing industry was and continues to be the medical industry, but no locally owned healthcare distribution network supported the industry.


JW established Premier Group as a local distributorship of medical supplies and laboratory and scientific equipment. He soon discovered that small distributorships like his were at a disadvantage because, unlike national distributorships, they did not have access to the Group Purchasing Organization’s (GPO) contract. To create a level playing field, JW became president of the Minority Medical Supply Association in 1998 and lobbied for small businesses to have equal access to the contract. JW’s efforts were successful and today small and large distributorships nationwide operate on equal footing when it comes to contract pricing with GPO’s.


Through its relationships with master distributors, The Premier Group serves as a leading distributor locally and nationally for the medical, laboratory and scientific equipment,   office, janitorial supplies, and related equipment.


As a local business, The Premier Group provides urgent, just-in-time deliveries 365 days a year. It’s the ability to deliver in a moment’s notice that sets The Premier Group apart from the competition and is how the company enhances the Mid-South’s medical industry.